Personal Development Pathways


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Personal Development Pathways™

Self development and personal growth throughout your life is important for everyone to fully reach their true potential.  This is why LifeLongU™ developed the first of a series of guides to help individuals create a plan for self development going down pathways toward areas of their life they have an interest in.  This first booklet goes over 20 of the top pathways each of us may want to know more about.  We briefly discuss each pathway, list some points that U could focus on to help develop further in that area and then also provide a list of some of the top books related to that area so U continue your personal development.  Building out your own personal development library is a great way to continue your self development program.

A self development guide book (60 pages) covering 20 topics of possible pathways U may want to go down and learn more about how that topic can help U develop into the person U see yourself becoming in your future. 

  • Pathways Like:
  • Balance
  • Time
  • Security
  • Self Respect
  • Personal Growth (plus 15 other pathways)

Bonus: also included are 130 recommendations of other books pertaining to the pathways discussed for U to continue developing in that area if U so choose.


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