A Self Discovery


Product Description

A Self Discovery”, is all about self analysis.  It’s 25 exercises take U deeper into learning more about yourself and what has happened or is happening in your life.  It designed to help U learn more about U. It goes through each of the six life categories exercise by exercise and really heightens your awareness about who U are and want to be in life.

A Self Discovery (62 pages) is a deeper dive into who U are and what your life has been, is and what U want it be in your future.

A Self Discovery is broken down into 25 different exercises within four parts:

  • Ø1 – U & Your Surroundings
  • Ø2 – Who U Are
  • Ø3 – Your Future Wants
  • Ø4 – What Goals Should U Make

Learning more about your past successes and failures, your personality, how U currently use your time as well as many other specific characteristics about yourself can be very helpful in planning your future life story.




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