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A Life Plan


Product Description

“My Life Long Plan & Story – A Life Plan” is designed for U to actually create a plan for your life.  Creating and telling the story of your life, first to yourself, which takes some planning, and then to others, if you choose.  U will look at characteristics, possible goals and ideas for plans specific within each of the six life categories individually and ponder which will be included in your life long plan and story.  Once your goals are decided, U will be able to lay them out on a time table and track them until they are accomplished and then work your plan.

A Life Plan workbook (84 pages) to help develop Strategy for Your Life™ by heightening your awareness on what U specifically want from each life category creating that future U in your life long plan & story:

  • Financial

  • Career

  • Spiritual

  • Relationships

  • Lifestyle

  • Philanthropy

A life plan will help U set goals track them and keep U o heading towards living the life story U want to live



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