GJK 3Congratulations on taking steps to create your life plan!  If U like learning more about yourself, U have come to the right place. This course was created by me, to help U build your actual life plan.  Looking at your past and current situations, deciding what U want your future to look like, and creating the action plans to make it happen, is what the Strategy For Your Life™ program is all about.

Through my own life experiences and education in business ownership, new startup companies, management, finance, and work in operations, I have developed a passion for setting goals and working on achieving them.  But like so many others, I too have gone through some very difficult times in my life.  I was not happy in my current corporate job, as my ambition was to start and own my own business (if you’re an entrepreneur, U most certainly will understand that strong desire).  My marriage of over 22 years was falling apart, our family had stopped going to the church, and my mother-in-law had developed terminal cancer.  All this together was very overwhelming.

By nature I am an analytical, positive, long-term thinking person and always looking to improve—so I dug into finding out what went wrong and of course, where I could improve.  I ended up breaking down my life into six areas and looking at each separately: my career, financial overview, relationships, spiritual side, my overall lifestyle and philanthropy activities.  Several things were very apparent right away—I was spending a lot of time in some of these areas, while others were not getting much attention—I was really out of balance.  Something else I noticed—I really didn’t have any focus with what I was trying to do or what I wanted from my life.  Although I set goals, I was not creating any plans of action to get them done and not holding myself accountable for doing so. I also felt really overwhelmed by life at this time and wanted to take back control and get things back on track—but how?

As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”.  I really needed to develop a life plan and put it into practice.  I wanted a plan that would basically break down my life into different areas, but also look at each from a perspective of what I wanted to feel, see, do, have, know and be.  I did not find anything that fit my needs in the market place, so I decided to create one—I needed to for my own sanity.   That is how My Life Long Plan & Story: A Life Plan – Strategy For Your Life™ came into being.

Every single one of us has a story to tell; one they have already lived in their past and one they want for their future.  Telling your life story and getting it down in writing is important, however, living your future story is what we at LifeLongU™ are really aiming for.

The LifeLongU™ Strategy For Your Life™ program has many hours of work which have gone into making this program strategic with a strong foundation on six main life categories for U to build on and yet be easy to follow along.  The full program helps U think about your past, present and future life.  Exploring your own options while considering new possible directions all while creating, documenting and building a life plan for yourself to use as your guide, to live your life’s story.  Understanding who U are, what your current situation is, where U want to go in your future and how U get there are all things U need to know.  How to pull it all together while staying motivated, accountable and making things happen is also important and part of the Strategy For Your Life™.  Having progress now and feeling satisfied and content later on in life that U traveled the path U did in life on purpose with little or no regrets is also very important. 

Writing down and accomplishing your goals and plans is only part of a life planning program like this.  Planning your journey, communicating your planned life story to your loved ones, staying somewhat in balance and using coaches to help when and wherever necessary all matter as well.  Everyone should have a written plan for their life at some level.  Plans that are written down are much more likely to succeed.  Writing down your life plan tells a story of what U are working towards.  A written down plan gives U a real path to follow, specific for U, created by U and will increase the probability of U accomplishing those goals U want for yourself.  It helps U see your life’s purpose and becomes your story.

We all know life will happen to U without doing anything at all, right?  However, being able to live your life story more of your own choosing is a decision that is made by U.  Others can help, but it is your responsibility to use all your God given abilities and blessings to their fullest extent.  Towards the end of your life, although U may not realize it yet, U will hold yourself responsible for the many things U did and didn’t do and U may have some regrets.  So make your life plan the best story U can; then go and live it!

Just imagine, U are so close to actually having this plan for your life, something to guide U toward a future U really want for yourself.  U are so close to telling your own story, living your own plans and leaving your life regrets behind.  Your time is now and how many days or years are yet to come, nobody truly knows, plan and use them wisely!

For me, I am still working on my story.  By planning first, then working the plan, I feel confident I will have done all I could to give it a fantastic ending!  

I hope U are able to do the same!


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