A Relationship Made in Heaven…


Where is your relationship at? Has it been blessed by “Heaven” or seemingly cursed by the “other” place? Life on earth can be difficult alone; being able share it with her/him can make some things better, but may also add more challenges.  Make sure you are ready to commit to solving those challenges together.

What do you do to make the most of the relationship you have with your special someone?  Do you do anything to make it better?  Is there enough communication with her/him?  Do you listen to your partner when they are communicating to you?  Do you like to keep things spontaneous? Do you show appreciation and respect for each other?  What attracted you to her/him in the first place?  Have you discussed each other’s needs?  Are your partner’s beliefs and values close to the same as your own?  Is there laughter or tension in your relationship?  How do you find a special someone in the first place?  Do you know what you really want from a relationship, wife or husband?  Do you know what you really need to give, in a relationship, or are you all about receiving?  What makes you happy; does your partner know this?

All good questions, I’m sure you would agree…so how did you answer those questions?

For me, I was married for over 20 years and thought I knew what a good relationship was.  I was a good hard working family man and thought I was even a better husband.  When it ended, I really asked myself, what did I do wrong?  What could I have done better?  I did assume part of the responsibility for it ending and in truth, did want to understand how to make it better, next time.

I do believe in marriage.  In two people becoming one person, sharing everything and having each other’s backs through thick and thin.  A relationship with another that works harmoniously together enjoying each other fully and is filled with love, honor and respect.  I see now what could have been done differently; what changes could have been made; and the importance of selecting the right partner in the first place.

How do you pick your relationship partner?

First, you have to meet the individual in person (not via text or email) …then physical attraction comes or mental attraction, maybe both; do you feel some chemistry or energy between you both?  Does your partner feel it?  Now, what?  You have the passion and heat that comes with a new beginning, the unknown, the unexplored and the many possibilities.  But that really is not a relationship yet, at least it does not have the ingredients for a long lasting relationship at this point.  You need to go deeper; more layers of the onion need to be peeled.  You need to explore each other’s belief and value system through many hours of communication; you need to discover each other’s character; do they say one thing and do something different.  You need to explore their future plans, what do they want their life to be in say 10, 20 or 40 years?  It all sounds fun doesn’t it? It can be, and it’s up to both of you to make it fun.  That is part of building a long lasting relationship.  You need to enter into each other’s lives; visit the family and get to know each other’s circle of influence.  If one of you does not like this, that is a sign…read it as such and know, that maybe, this relationship was not meant to be; end it and move along.  The only thing worse than settling for ½ a cup of loving relationship is entering into a long-term relationship when you already know you won’t be totally happy.

The Lord blesses relationships that follow his word.  That does not mean they are not challenged.  If you have chosen wisely in your relationship partner, chances are good, that you will move through your challenges and grow closer together.  A woman and a man each play different roles in a relationship blessed by Heaven.  They play different roles because each was created different and has different ingredients needed for a blessed long lasting relationship to succeed and be enjoyed by both.  All these ingredients are necessary.  If you want to taste something exceptional, something made in Heaven, add “all” your ingredients into your relationship and make sure your partner does as well.  Work together and make something special for both of you to enjoy.

I have tasted of this myself.  My “Special” someone and I have only known each other a short amount of time (as far as time goes), but feel we have known each other for many years.  We both have thrown in all our ingredients and are making something that I never would have thought possible.  I wish the same for each of you!  May God bless your relationship!


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