LLU Household Budget

The New LifeLongU™ Household Budget is fast and easy to use.

Enter household Inflows (Income) and Outflows (Expenses) in predefined categories, only 4 of them.  Add an allocation percentage (%) to the different line items.

Household Budget is based on creating a spending plan that focuses on 4 main areas of expense:

  • Charitable giving first (say 10%)
  • Then saving for yourself (say 10%)
  • Then living within a certain amount (say 60%)
  • Paying down creditors (no more than 20%)

Adapting a simple budget plan like this can easily show you quick answers to “what if” questions you may have about your income, expenses and much more.

And now, we have created a detailed tutorial on how to use that budget…click below to watch it on YouTube…

Household Budget - LifeLongU™

Household Budget – LifeLongU™

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