Are you an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is generally someone that comes up with an idea and takes that opportunity to start, organize and grow it into a business or businesses.  The big question we may ask ourselves is, do we have a good idea, the skills and the desire to become a successful entrepreneur?

Just what skills do you possess?  Some underlying skills usually found in an entrepreneur include being an innovator or generator of new ideas or business processes, no matter what the industry. Strong team building and people management skills are also often found in a successful entrepreneur.  Recognizing your own skills and matching them against the skills needed to successfully run your business is certainly helpful as a skill as well.  A good entrepreneur also will simply hire others with the skills they lack.

What about genetic makeup?  Do men or women make better entrepreneurs?  Does it matter if entrepreneurship runs in your family?  If it does, would that make you a better entrepreneur?

What about your work history?  Does that added experience of doing the job you have been doing improve your chances for being a successful entrepreneur? What about your intellect, personality or identity?  Does who you are improve the chances of success for a business you may start?  What about your past successes and failures, do they?

The truth is, that if you take an idea and create a successful business from it using all available skills, you would be considered an entrepreneur.  Being called an entrepreneur certainly may not be your goal.  It is only a descriptive title.  What you may want to be seen as is a successful business person.  In fact, you may not care at all how others see you, and simply want to create the successful business around your idea and opportunity and enjoy your small businesses success.  To me, that is a sign of a true entrepreneur.

You May be  an Entrepreneur…

  • A Significantly high number of entrepreneurs are children of first generation Americans.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are not, as a rule, top achievers in school.
  • Entrepreneurs are not especially enthusiastic about participating in group activities in school.
  • Studies of entrepreneurs show that, as youngsters, they often preferred to be alone.
  • Enterprising activities usually can be traced to an early age.
  • Stubbornness as a child seems to translate into determination to do things your own way which is a hallmark of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Caution may involve an unwillingness to take risks, a handicap for those embarking on previously uncharted territory.
  • Entrepreneurs often have the faith to pursue different paths despite the opinions of others.
  • Being tired of a daily routine will often precipitate an entrepreneur’s decision to start an enterprise.
  • Entrepreneurs generally enjoy their type of work so much, they move from one project to another-nonstop.
  • Successful entrepreneurs are willing to use their savings to finance a project.
  • Many entrepreneurs make a habit of putting their goals in writing.
  • Handling cash flow can be critical to entrepreneurial success.
  • Entrepreneurial personalities seem to be easily bored.
  • Optimism can fuel the drive to press for success in uncharted waters.

These are also some critical skills needed by an entrepreneur to be successful at developing an opportunity into a business:

  • Focus
  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Persistence
  • Passion
  • Technical Skills
  • Flexibility
  • Self Discovery
  • Ability to Learn

The world needs people to turn ideas and opportunities into small businesses and they exist all over.  Capitalize on yours and you may yet enjoy the benefits being a successful entrepreneur can bring.

Gary J Kiecker


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