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How Can Life Coaching Really Help Me?

One of my favorite definitions of the word insanity is “to continue doing the same thing, yet expecting different results”.  That little definition says volumes to me, and should to each of us.  Just think about that word and apply it to your Life Long Plan…ohhh, that’s right, you don’t have one.  Well, how insane is it for you to dream of things you want to do, places you want to visit, changes you want to make in your life or a person you want to become and then get up each morning and go off to work and expect that somehow, your dreams will get accomplished.  Without a plan, without taking any action and without the help of someone getting you started in a direction, any positive direction and then help you stay the course.  Is that not insanity?

How insane is it to try to live a life without “ANY” type of planning?  How insane is it to figure things out all by yourself and not use a coach to show us how to develop a plan for our life and then help us accomplish it?   Life coaches are here for all of us to use and more and more are coming online every day.  Make sure to explore on how you can get started with a life plan and find a coach that will help you stay on course, accomplish your goals and live more of your dreams.

Really, we should not be asking how can life coaching help me, we should be more concerned about, what will happen to me without any life coaching?  Without a Life Plan?

www.LifeLongU.com has developed a nice get started pack called “Self Discovery” and it will help you learn more about yourself and should get you really thinking.  Give it a try, …this could be the first action step in your life plan…don’t just get up and go to another day of work…take some action!

It’s your life, make sure you live it!!!






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