Did you choose your Career?


Did you choose your Career?

Many people at an early age get asked this question, did you choose your career or what career would you like to work in or something close to that.  It is a nice thought to be able to choose the career you would like to work in the rest of your life.  But isn’t that really unrealistic?  A career is not something you have to work in all your life.  At an early age you can certainly pick a profession or an occupation you may start out educating yourself on.  Then work in that field or industry for a time.  You may even find that you love it and actually do spend all your life working at that profession.  But most of us do not.

Most of us work at a job, not in a career.  We certainly look for a job doing something we like to do or are good at doing.  Many of us work at that job because of the amount of compensation we are being paid to do that work.  If we were to leave, possibly, we would not be able to get that same pay at a new position doing similar work.  The question about what career you would like to work in becomes less of a factor and finding a job with a higher rate of pay or better benefits becomes the real question.

As we get older many of us tend to change our minds and look for different opportunities to work in different occupations having new experiences while gaining new skills. This can happen again and again as we move through our life.  In our 20’s we want one thing; and in our 40’s our lives have changed and we want something else; and in our 60’s we again have different wants and we change things again.  Something close to this can happen many times over the course of our lives.  It is good to try new things and be diverse.

LifeLongU™ offers a Life Category Course on Careers under its Life Long Fulfillment Program.  The Careers course helps an individual learn about:

  • How to use their personality
  • Their skills, abilities, education and experiences
  • How to network and market yourself
  • How to find out what the job market is currently
  • What income potential may exist for you based on the value you can provide & understanding that value
  • Resumes, job searches and posting resumes
  • Having a mentor
  • Retirement
  • Setting career goals


LifeLongU™ Balance Chart

The LifeLongU™ balance chart…

… shows us how difficult life balance really is.  Charting your course living your dreams becomes easier once you focus on your known life’s purpose.  Once you identify opportunities to add value toward achieving your dreams and desires, resourcefully using all your resources to Feel, See, Know, Do, Have and Be while maintaining a proper balance in the six life categories of Career, Financial, Spiritual, Relationships, Leisure and Philanthropy.  All this can be done effectively if you chart your course and use others to assist you.  The others we speak of consist of Coaches, Mentors, Educators, Trainers, Motivational and Accountability people.  They all will help provide guidance at different levels during your journey.

LifeLongU Balance Chart

LifeLongU™ Balance Chart

We may often feel we are wearing many hats, juggling many balls or being pulled in many directions.  Because of this, we may find it difficult to focus on what “WE” may want from our lives.  We get caught up in the moments that our obligations and life events place on our time, leaving us feel drained.  Learning to focus some of your personal time on your desired passions and dream and working with like mined individuals on a consistent basis will help you get into life balance and start accomplishing your dreams.  It does take some planning,  some discipline and some help from others to move ahead and obtain most goals and dreams…don’t be afraid to step out and challenge yourself.   I always have told my own children that when given a difficult choice to make, 95% of the time, the tougher path is the one that they should choose.  That path will teach them, strengthen them and make them reach,  even if their goal is not achieved a 100%.


Wheel Helm for Life Long Balance!

Wheel Helm for Life Long Balance…

LifeLongU™ presents its new Wheel Helm to provide Life direction in Mind, Body & Soul; to more easily navigate our “Life Categories” of Career, Financial, Spiritual, Relationships, Leisure & Philanthropy; to help us focus on what we want to Feel, See, Know, Do, Have and Be…

 “Chart your course, Live your dreams”