First Things First 

Get a “Strategy for Your Life™”

Your Beginning:  My Life Long Plan & Story – A Life Plan”

This really is the first place to start when developing the strategy for how U want your life story to unfold.  It’s fast, easy to work through and gives U a plan to follow on what U want from your life.
 U really can develop your own life plan and tell the story U want your life to be.  “My Life Long Plan & Story – A Life Plan” helps U do just that.  LifeLongU™ walks U through one of the most comprehensive life planning programs available.  Its thorough, makes U think about U and your future and provides structure and direction when needed.  It provides U with over 50 possible goal areas with some task lists covering each of the six life categories (Financial, Career, Spiritual, Relationships, Lifestyle & Philanthropy).  U will be able to focus quickly on some main goals many of us want to accomplish in life and get started on them right away.  Each goal is summarized at a high level so U can customize it, making it your own by adding it to your Bucket List of Ideas, Goals & Plans.  A good Life-Long Plan & Story is built on your life events which happen and re-happen over the years.  Those years go by so quickly and U live your story whether U wrote it or not.  Why not create your own story, decide and write out what U want it to be and live that story.  A Life Plan will help U do just that.


In What Direction is Your Life Heading?

The total sum of the different life experiences U have encountered, so far in your life, make U into the person U are today.  Focusing on only one part of your life at a particular time is not the sum of who U are. Why not plan to create more of those experiences U really want in your life?  LifeLongU™ believes all this takes is a good strategy, planning and a direction in which to go and then, a little motivational wind in your sail to get U moving.  Going through the process of creating a life plan and telling your story can provide U with answers to your own questions about what U really want to do with the rest of your life.  A life plan will  provide life purpose and direction.  It will also help U create the action steps necessary to make it happen in your future.

Steering Wheel of Life™


Our workbooks help U break down your life into categories and actions.  First LifeLongU™ has created a workbook called, “My Life-Long Plan & Story – A Life Plan“.  Our workbook jumps starts your life in each of the six life categories with up to 10 possible goals, with some bulleted tasks or thoughts, that most of us all need to have completed to live a more balanced life.  It will help U learn how to accomplish your goals and set new ones.  That’s over 50 goals in the area of Career, Financial, Spiritual, Relationships, Lifestyle and Philanthropy U can get started with right away. U can always add your own in the places provided as well.  Then to help U create and keep records using a bucket list approach, U capture and document your ideas, create goals and build plans of action to guide U step-by-step to achieve them in our workbook called, “My Bucket List of Ideas, Goals & Plans“.  When U get to here, U may want to learn more about who U are and what U want, through,”A Self Discovery, which has 26 exercises to help U learn more about, your past, present and your future U. After pulling it all together, U will be ready to live a life plan and story U created.  LifeLongU™ also created, “My Journal“.  A simple journal that will allow U to stay focused on your goals, archive your thoughts as often as you feel necessary and leave a legacy of your own wisdom for your loved ones.  

Using these workbooks together will communicate to U what your Life Long Plan & Story is and will be. Having a direction with forward focus and actual progress can make you very feel happy about where your life is heading while giving your life purpose.  


 Some Extra Help: My Bucket List of Ideas, Goals & Plans

Another part of our life plan program is the ultimate “Bucket List” which allows U to collect and capture all your ideas, list your goals by life categories of Career, Financial, Spiritual, Relationships, Lifestyle & Philanthropy and focus on what U would like to Feel, See, Have, Know, Do & Be within each.  U can visually draw out a plan on how U believe U can accomplish these goals and fine tune them using the plan of action sheets in the workbook to create step-by-step tasks to complete each goal.  U will consider roadblocks U may encounter as well as resources U have available or may need to complete each goal. Each plan of action sheet will ask U to consider why U must succeed and to list consequences for your failure.  Each task allows U to manage time, cost, set priority as well as managing the goal status.  Bringing all your bucket list of dreams into reality, in one organized Life Plan of action book to bring progress in your life! 

Now Dig a little Deeper: A Self Discovery

A good life plan would not be complete without having a really good hard look at yourself.  This LifeLongU™ workbook  “A Self Discovery”, is our deep dive into learning more about U.  Our underlying strategy of this workbook is to help U learn more about your past, present and future U by asking specific questions and working through specific exercises which provide some insight into the past, present and future path U traveled, are on or want to travel in your future life story.  U then can further use this information about yourself to define your life’s chief aim or purpose, mixed with your desires and better prepare a life plan that will give U the road map that when traveled, will lead U to the destinations U have chosen. What do U really know about U…don’t U think it’s time to find out?

Reflection: My Journal

The development of the LifeLongU™ “My Journal” will assist U in capturing the new knowledge U learn each day which U don’t want to forget, your most important thoughts and feelings, the main events that transpired in your day and anything else U choose to write down or sketch out.  It will provide U with an excellent way to chronologically record, archive and recall what has happened in your life for later use by U or by your family members after your journey is over.  It works well with the LifeLongU™ family of life planning products designed for U to understand who U are, where U came from and what type of life U want to live in your future.  What a great knowledge archive to leave for your loved ones!  We help U with the ongoing process of developing a Life Plan for those who really want to do all they can to take more control and live their life more on their on terms.   Create a life, don’t let life create U.

 Coaching: For Individuals Who Want Progress Right Now

Using a coach can move U forward much faster than U would ever believe possible.  Having a coach that understands the LifeLongU™ approach and wants to help you write, tell & live the best Life-Long Plan & Story achievable will put U on a fast track forward.  A coach / adviser can be utilized on a one-on-one customized session specifically tailored to the goal U are trying to complete.  They can also be two-on-one or group sessions in person or over the phone using several different methods (teleconferencing, webinars, videos, pod casts etc…).  Coaching can even be used for U small business owners to help with work – life balance or growing your business.

There are many very qualified coaches that cover most areas of the country nowadays.  If U need help finding a coach, please contact us and we would be glad to help U find someone.


Just What is a Life Plan?

A Life Plan is the strategy for “why” U are doing something
A Life Plan is a guide to help U stay focused on what’s important to U
A Life Plan is a created map providing direction for U while on your path
A Life Plan provides a benchmark for U to track your progress & results as U move forward
A Life Plan is a “to do list” reminding U of your next actions steps to take
A Life Plan is a detailed vision on what your future life will look like
A Life Plan communicates your priorities to U and to others, and may change as U change
A Life Plan is a collection of your wisdom to be left for others to learn from
A Life Plan is who U want to become and what U want your life story to be

Some Good questions to ask yourself…

Are U happy about where your life is heading?
Is it lacking direction?
Are U feeling overwhelmed or out of control?
Is there something meaningful for U up ahead in life?

What plans have U made for your life so far?

A Life Plan will improve your life’s focus and provide direction; but not just any simple one page life plan does that.  We call it “My life Long Plan & Story”, for a reason.  U must take ownership of your life and create your own plan for it…U are responsible for your life after all.  It is your life story to create and live!  Plan to make it a great one…

“Create a Life, Don’t Let Life Create U”